About Us

Who we are? & What we do?

Tridox Trading L.L.C is the manufacturers and distributors of world class quality products around the world and emerged as one of the Major players in the field of Fertilizers.

Under the perceptive leadership appropriately supported by a team of highly skilled professionals in the various and diverse field Tridox Trading L.L.C became a name to reckon with, for reliability and quality of service, in the field of chemicals & Fertilizers industry.

The setup can currently handle bagged and bulk cargo, which can be packed as per customer request with the help of in-house industrial printer.

Sheer dedication, relentless hard work, best quality products and excellent service to all its customers, has put the company high up in the Industry. One of the major reasons for our growth is also because of our conscious effort and commitment to produce clean, safe and effective products for our clients. With excellent quality control, all our products are manufactured with materials that are free of any harmful biological organisms.

We are environment friendly company and our production process is designed to minimize any risk of contamination or pollution.

The success story continues as the company captures new markets in Middle East, Asia Africa and South America. Now presently serving customers in 27 countries with efficient supply chain and the quality of manufactured fertilizers, turnovers have increased exponentially during the past several years.

The future seems bright, as demand for fertilizers continue to grow on account of the greater nourishment requirements of the world population, which is increasing at a staggering pace as well as the growing intensification of farming, green houses, golf courses hydroponic farms. The trends towards higher quality food and meat will result in a further increase in fertilizer consumption.

We are continuously trying to evolve, emerge, expand and grow to provide excellent service to our customers.

A Few Words About us

Why Choos Us?

Tridox Trading L.L.C  has the potential to manufacture quality fertilizer, We strive to continuously remain as the most favored giving the best of our ability to uphold the global agriculture industry.

Our Vision

Tridox Trading L.L.C aims to set industry standards through performance and growth. Achieving this objective will require productivity gains in the existing business and seeking for new business opportunities.

Our Mission

 is committed to the sustainable development of its own business by integrating within its works, the care and respect of people working its facilities, the environment, the community and future development in this regards the company

The Company you can trust

In today’s fertilizer market, it is critical to have a reliable source of fairly priced, good quality products. We strive to be practical innovators, making the most of everything at hand. Whether people’s talents, our clients’ time, or the planet’s resources. This means staying alert to ever-better ways of doing things. Leading in thought, and action.

  • Understand the ever-changing requirements of market.
  • Practical approach towards work.
  • Transparency.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Honor our commitments.
  • Make our self-more vigilant & responsible.